Mumbai, January 2014: “Narrowly” missed 1h 45s

Email sent to donors who were supporting my run and charity:


“Go uncle!”  “Come on uncle!” “Don’t give up uncle!”

The cries of the youthful Bombay crowd as I neared the finish line were both motivating and deflating – the former for my relentless march to the finish line, the latter as a reminder of the relentless march of time.  (For those of you who have never lived in India, “uncle” and “aunty” are common monikers for anyone significantly older).

I made it in 1:46:18, missing my target by either 19 or 78 seconds, depending on how generous your interpretation of “1:45” is.  I prefer to view it as 19.

There were various reasons for my miss.  Global warming for one.  This year was a bit warmer and more humid than the last.  Other factors included anarchic street agitations in Delhi by the enigmatic new chief minister, the looming withdrawal of liquidity by the US Federal Reserve, continuing disturbances in the middle-east and the retirement of cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar.

You will note I can’t be blamed for any of the above. Nonetheless, I improved on last year’s time by 4 minutes and was quite happy about that.

A BIG THANKS for supporting my run. It was genuinely motivating to know I had your support, and this was very much on my mind in the flagging moments of the race.

Owing to your contributions I raised Rs. 4 lakhs or  $6500 for Mumbai Mobile Creches, which was again a significant improvement over last year’s sum of 2.5 lakhs (then $5000). This is a handy sum when it comes to child education in India.  I know I harangued some of you for donations and would only do so if I was confident the funds were going to be utilised meaningfully and wisely.

Have attached an image of my agony, as also images from a visit to an MMC school.

Avuncularly yours,



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